Thursday, 11 July 2013

Aliens Bred Me In My Sleep

Mary has strange dreams of being touched and roughly taken while she sleeps, and it always starts with a light hovering outside her window. At first she thinks it’s just an overactive sex drive, but then her dreams get weirder. She starts waking up in the morning with a delicious ache between her thighs. What’s happening to her?

Then, one night, she wakes up to the sensation of hands on her skin- but she can’t move! Paralyzed, she can only submit to the creature that looms over her and takes her in her own bed. Is this just a waking dream, or, when her fertile belly starts to swell, is it something more?

Warning: this 4000 word erotic short story contains alien breeding, sleep sex, rapid pregnancy and orgasmic birth.

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  1. Hi Charlotte,
    So far in my reading, I love I Married a Tentacle Monster, Pregnant with Alien Eggs, The Harpy’s Eggs, Aliens Bred Me in My Sleep, Phantorgasm, Taken by a Ghost, Ghost Tentacles. Basically, my favorite things are long, deep relationships; women giving birth to weird things; tentacles; ghosts. These things don’t seem very popular because I have a hard time finding well-written stories containing them. Do you have any book/movie recommendations? I like weird and romantic, dislike BDSM and horror.
    Thanks so much for writing great stories. I think highly of your writing skills. Any new works coming soon?