Saturday, 1 December 2012

Big Boy (Gay BDSM Inflation Erotica)

When Caleb promises his sub a present, Neil never expected this. Bound and helpless for not only Caleb but two of his friends, his submission is only the beginning. As his body is pushed to his limits, and as his belly swells, can Neil keep any control at all, or will he lose himself completely? Warning: this 4000 word erotic short contains explicit gay sex, inflation, an enema, toys, and bondage.

Taken and Bred (Werewolf Breeding Erotica)

When Delilah ventures into the woods outside her village in the early spring, she’s taken captive by a lusty werewolf- and more than anything he wants to breed her. She’s reluctant to give in to his advances, and still a virgin, but alone without a means of escape she starts to want to give in… And to experience his base desires. Warning: this 4000 word erotic short story contains explicit sex, werewolves, and breeding!

Losing Control: Boys With Painted Lips Part 5 (Final Part)

As Leah yearns to resume his forbidden relationship with Gaius at the Silk Road brothel, things take a complicated turn when cruel aristocrat Antony returns, more obsessed with Leah than ever. When he hires Gaius to put Leah in his place, can Leah take the strain, or will it break him entirely? Warning: this erotic story contains explicit gay sex, bdsm, a threesome, bondage and prostitution.

Dangerous Gifts: Boys With Painted Lips Part 4

When cruel aristocrat Antony returns to the Silk Road brothel, he's got some inventive uses for Leah. The question is whether Leah can hang on- and as the pain becomes pleasure, whether he can keep himself from giving in utterly to Antony's twisted desires. Warning: this erotic story contains explicit gay sex, bdsm, hot wax play, restraints, and prostitution.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Forbidden Touch: Boys With Painted Lips Part 3 (A Gay BDSM Erotic Romance)

The last thing Leah should be doing in a brothel is forming attachments, but as he gets closer to remote, reserved Gaius, he may be treading on thin ice. When a training session goes completely off the rails Leah must decide whether it's worth the risk to heat things up- and whether he can do it without putting them both in danger of retribution.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Pegging my Boyfriend

Tara’s boyfriend Henry is vanilla as can be. At least, that’s what she thought before she accidentally stumbled on his Internet history. As her screen fills up with pegging sites, she’s introduced to a world she never knew. The more she sees the more interested she gets, and Tara’s determined to see him writhing under her- and to turn his wildest fantasy into reality.

Warning: this 3900 word erotic story contains female domination, pegging, spanking, handcuffs and more hot fun!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Taking Orders: Boys With Painted Lips Part 2 (A Gay BDSM Erotic Romance)

When Leah is put to work in a brothel until he can pay off his sentence, he thinks he can take anything the job throws at him. His first client might just prove him wrong. An aristocrat with a cruel streak, Antony takes an immediate interest in Leah- and with Leah helpless to stop him, he'll test Leah's body to its limits. Warning: this story contains explicit gay sex, bondage, and prostitution.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sold Into Service: Boys With Painted Lips (Gay BDSM Erotic Romance)

Leah knew he’d be put to work to pay for his crimes. He just didn’t know it would be in the Silk Road brothel, famed for its debauchery. Now he has to learn fast, or else. Fortunately he has a capable teacher: long-legged, gorgeous Gaius, a veteran of the brothel who knows exactly the right way to whip Leah into shape. If he can keep up, he might just make something of himself, and get a peek under Gaius’ icy exterior. If he can’t, there are worse uses he could be put to... And failure is not an option.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Curse of the Werecock

When Marie agrees to go camping with her friend Becca, she never expects it to end up like this. Midnight skinny-dipping turns into more when the moonlight hits her skin- and she undergoes an unexpected transformation. Can she put her new appendage to good use?

Warning: this 4000 word erotic short contains explicit sex, transformation, futa, and one wild time in the woods!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Phantom Touches (Paranormal Erotica Bundle)

When it comes to lust, death is no barrier. This sexy, spooky bundle contains three erotic shorts: "Phantorgasm", "Taken by a Ghost" and "Ghost Tentacles". Warning: this erotic bundle contains explicit sex, tentacles, ectoplasm, double penetration, mind control, and some terrifyingly titillating paranormal activity!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Big Girls Have More Fun

Sara Miller is twenty-five, plus sized, and still a virgin. She’s never had the confidence for the dating scene, but when a gorgeous hunk of man moves in next door, the least she can do is look- at least, until she catches him looking back. She hardly dares to believe it, but he’s captivated by her curves… And he wants more.

Warning: this 6000 word erotic story contains explicit sex.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

His Tentacles

When John ducks into a bar in an alien city he's only looking for a drink, but it's not every day you get hit on by a tentacle monster. His day is about to get a whole lot more interesting... If he can take it.

Warning: this 4200 word erotic short story contains explicit gay sex, tentacles, double penetration, and breath play. May be too hot to handle!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Sea Monster's Consort

Marked from birth, Niko knows his own fate. His eighteenth birthday means his death at the hands of the shape-changing sea-god who marked him, but when things go off the rails, Niko finds a different kind of trouble- and the monster that's supposed to be hunting him has much more interesting aims than eating him alive.

Warning: this 16700 word erotic story contains explicit gay sex, shapeshifters, and xenophilia.

Daddy's Girl Erotica Bundle

Daddy knows best! This bundle contains three erotic shorts, "Daddy Caught Me", "Whipped by Daddy", and "My Daddy's Pet". Warning: this bundle contains stepfather-daughter pseudo-incest, spanking, pet play, sex toys, and a whole lot more fun!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Taken by a Ghost

Lost on a country road, Cassandra stops for the night at a run-down motel. It's deserted, but she doesn't think much about it- at least not until things start going wrong. When a restless spirit ambushes her in the shower, can she keep her head, or will it drag her kicking and screaming to the other side?

Warning: this 3400 word erotic short contains explicit sex, ghosts, mind control, and possession.

Gay Alien Erotica Bundle

Alien experiments and prehensile appendages! This bundle contains three erotic gay shorts: "Alien Prisoner of the FBI", "Concubine of a Space Conqueror", and "Trapped on Earth". Warning: this bundle contains xenophilia, explicit gay sex, aliens, experimentation, and more!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Gay Tentacles From Space!

When Kane spies a derelict spaceship ripe for the salvaging, he goes in cocky and alone. What he doesn't know is that there's a reason the ship was abandoned, and he's about to walk straight into it- but he might not walk back out.

Warning: this 4400 word erotic short story contains explicit sex, tentacles, xenophilia, stuffing, bondage and more!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Milking Mommy Complete Bundle

When Jared comes home for the summer, his stepmother knows he needs a little babying. This bundle contains three hot erotic shorts: "Milking Mommy", "Milking Mommy 2: Hot Breakfast" and "Milking Mommy 3: Drink it up". Warning: this bundle contains explicit sex, stepmother-son pseudo-incest, milking, lactation, female domination, and more!

Breastfeeding my Husband

When a drug trial not only makes Allie's breasts grow but adds in lactating, too, her husband's interest can't be turned away. Can she get over her misgivings and give him all the milk he needs- and more?

Warning: this 3000 word erotic short story contains lactation, explicit sex, breastfeeding, and milking.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Chocolate on his Skin

When Anders is hired to be the centerpiece of an upscale dinner party, he doesn't know what it's going to entail. Having people eat off of him is one thing, but when two bored businessmen's sons take an interest, can he keep himself under control?

Warning: this 4300 word erotic short story contains public gay sex, food fetishism, voyeurism, feeding, and the inappropriate use of whipped cream!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Daddy Caught Me

After an exhausting day, Alex is getting a little alone time with her vibrator when the unthinkable happens: her stepfather walks in. She wants to die of embarrassment, but he's intrigued- and he'll show her something she never knew she wanted.

Warning: this 3300 word erotic short story contains stepfather-daughter pseudo-incest, spanking, explicit sex, sex toys, and more. Daddy knows best!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Breeding the Priestess

All her life, Nailah has wanted to be a priestess of Isis. There's only one final ceremony standing between her and her goal, but her devotion to the goddess of fertility will be tested. Three gods come to her together- and to please her goddess, she'll have to please them all.

Warning: this 4300 word erotic short story contains explicit sex, a gangbang, impregnation, egg laying, and more!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Medieval Werewolf Erotica Bundle

Deep in the untamed forests, wolves live separate lives from men- and when they come together, sparks will fly. This bundle contains three erotic shorts: "The Lord's Pet Wolf", "Wolf Wedding", and "Kidnapped by a Wolf". Warning: this bundle contains explicit gay sex, wolf shifters, knotting, rimming, pet play and marking!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My Daddy's Pet

In public, he's Alice's stepfather. In private, he's her master. She can't wait to get home to him, and when she does, he's got a few surprises waiting. Can she behave long enough to get her reward, or will she be a bad, bad dog?

Warning: this 4000 word erotic short story contains pet play, stepfather-daughter pseudo-incest, puppy play, toys, and collaring. May be too hot to handle!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Ghost Tentacles

Megan's only doing her job as a hotel maid when she walks into a room she really shouldn't have. When the thing inside notices her, it's all she can do to hang on. Will she be scared stiff, or will she learn to enjoy the ride?

Warning: this 3300 word erotic short story contains explicit tentacle sex, triple penetration, maid uniforms, clothed sex, and one lustful paranormal entity!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Filthy Femdom Bundle

Buckle up for hot times- this erotica bundle contains three femdom shorts by Charlotte Mistry. "Heat Wave Whipping", "Spank That Boy!" and "Reverse Gangbang Slave". Warning: this bundle contains lots of female domination, explicit public sex, bdsm, restraints, spanking, humiliation, and more!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Breastmilk Bukkake

When Jacob walks in on his wife's new mothers club, he hardly expects her to make him give another woman a breast massage. When she makes him drink her milk, one thing leads to another- and soon enough, all the women want to make their mark. Can he keep it together under the torrent?

Warning: this 3300 word erotic short story contains lactation, milking, female domination, and more!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Alien Prisoner of the FBI

When Halas' ship goes down, he wakes up in captivity, and in restraints. Little more than an experimental subject, there's only one person who seems to take any pity on him, and David's only a lab assistant. Can David help him escape- and can Halas stay alive long enough to do it?

Warning: this 10400 word story contains explicit gay sex, xenophilia, aliens, and some violence.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Milking Mommy 3

When Jared's father comes back from his business trip, his stepmother seems determined to carry on her seduction right under his nose. After a few close calls, she shows no sign of giving up. Can Jared resist her charms, or will he give in to the sweet lure of her milk- and her body?

Warning: this 3300 word erotic short story contains lactation, stepmother-stepson pseudo-incest, breastfeeding, masturbation, explicit sex, and more!

Monday, 25 June 2012


Space is a lonely place for a lesbian. All of Tate's fellow asteroid miners are male or taken, and it's driving her completely bonkers! When she's delivered a mysterious package, everything changes- and what's inside will rock her world.

Warning: this 3700 word erotic short story contains a sex-robot, spanking, light bondage, explicit sex and multiple orgasms!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Sea-Born Slave

Too scarred to be a pleasure slave, Connor expects to be sold to the mines. When he's purchased by a rich man he thinks it's a reprieve. It's anything but. The man has another slave, something exotic and dangerous and half-human, and Connor has to make it behave... Or else. Can he tame the creature, or is there a way out- for both of them?

Warning: this 17400 word story contains explicit gay sex, xenophilia, breath play, whipping, slavery, mermen, and violence.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Eldritch Erotica Bundle

Ancient, implacable and covered in tentacles! This bundle contains three gay Lovecraftian erotica shorts: Dark Descendants, Tentacles of Ink and Cult Sacrifice.

Warning: this bundle contains explicit gay sex, mind control, tentacles, eldritch creatures, monsters, double penetration, corruption, restraints, and xenophilia. May cause madness of the most delicious kind.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Milking Mommy 2

After his first encounter with his stepmother when he comes home from college, Jared doesn't know what to expect- but she knows exactly what she wants. When she cooks breakfast for him nearly nude, it won't be long before things get heated. Especially when she's conveniently forgotten to supply any kind of drink... Except her own.

Warning: this 3200 word erotic short story contains stepmother-son pseudo-incest, lactation, milking, nursing, and explicit sex.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Doctor Does Her

It's a prescription- for sex! When Sally visits the doctor, she's going to get more than just a checkup. He's gorgeous and she's always wanted him, but can she get him to take a closer look beneath her paper gown, or will things stay all too clinical?

Warning: this 3400 word erotic short story contains explicit sex, doctors, naughty patients, toys, and medical fetishism.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Heat Wave Whipping

There's no way to cool down in the scorching summer heat- and Elle's about to make it an inferno. When Julian comes to see her she's waiting with rope and whip in hand. Will they find a way to cool off, or can they only fan the flames?

Warning: this 3700 word erotic short story contains bdsm, bondage, whips, and female domination.

Friday, 1 June 2012

The Lord's Pet Wolf

When wolf shifter Erik collapses in the snow by the side of the road, he expects to die there. But when he's rescued by Lord Martel, it's a second chance, and a strange one. Martel wants him for an obedient pet. Is this just a chance to stay out of the cold, or will Erik find happiness- and a master?

Warning: this 10600 word story contains pet play, wolf shifters, toys, and explicit gay sex.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Harpy's Eggs

In putting this story out, I'd just like to say that I've now written 200,000 words of this kind of thing since January.



When Eamon rescues an injured Harpy, he doesn't expect to fall in love, and he doesn't expect her to stick around. But when she agrees to stay, the last thing he expects is to find her pregnant- with their eggs! Can he keep things sunny-side up, or is this a disaster in the making?

Warning: This 5900 word erotic short story contains pregnancy, explicit sex, egg laying, and xenophilia.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Stuff Me Full of Fruit

Daisy's boring trip to the grocery store is spiced up with one hot stockboy and a whole lot of fruit! When he's not enough for her, he fills her to her limit. After all that, will there even be room left for his banana?

Warning: this 4200 word erotic short story contains food play, public anal sex, rimming, food as sex toys, stuffing, and all the fruit you could ever need!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Tentacles of Ink (Lovecraftian Erotica)

You know, I really love writing tentacle stuff. It's great fun. :)

Algernon has never been able to leave a puzzle-box alone, and this one is no different- but the thing inside is something he should never have touched. As his dreams get worse and the line keeping him from madness grows razor-thin, can he keep himself from giving in to a dark creature's sweet, seductive whispers?

Warning: this 6300 word erotic story contains tentacles, breathplay, xeno, and explicit sex.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Mommy Spanks her Boy

When Cory comes home late and drunk, his stepmother knows that she has to take matters into her own hands- but when things get heated, Cory keeps up with her every step of the way. And after a punishment, maybe he deserves a bit of a reward?

Warning: this 3400 word erotic short story contains stepmother-stepson pseudo-incest, explicit sex, spanking, fingering, facials, and female domination.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Trapped on Earth

Tanis is a pilot, but not a human one. When he and his partner crash just outside a small town, it's a race against time to stay ahead of the FBI. But when his partner gets hurt, Tanis has to figure out how to take care of him- and how to deal with the feelings developing between them.

Warning: this 14000 word story contains explicit gay sex, frottage, scars, xenophilia, hurt/comfort, and aliens.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Steamy Love: Steampunk Erotica Bundle

Step back to a time that never was with three erotic shorts as hot as any steam engine! This bundle contains "Clockwork Sex Doll", "Steam-Powered Sex Machine" and "Kidnapped by a Sky Pirate".

Warning: this bundle contains toys, threesomes, kidnapping, living sex dolls, masturbation, explicit sex, double penetration, multiple orgasms and much, much more!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Pregnant with Alien Eggs

When Layla's alien boyfriend goes into an unexpected breeding cycle, the last thing she expects is to wind up pregnant with eggs! Now she can't stop eating, and her belly is growing by the day. Can their relationship survive, or will things get way too scrambled?

Warning: this 4400 word erotic story contains pregnancy, aliens, explicit sex, egg laying, sex in the shower, and more!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Spank That Boy!

If Eddie thinks he's going to coast through Alice Hendricks' class on his family's money, he's got another thing coming. When she gets fed up with him, Alice takes matters into her own hands- and over her knee! Can she spank some sense into him, or will he need further lessons?

Warning: this 3600 word erotic short story contains spanking, humiliation, crying, female domination, a student-teacher relationship and explicit sex.

Concubine of a Space Conqueror!

Kastya Orvana is an alien conqueror determined to grind the Earth under his bootheel, but when he captures an earthling, he finds himself in over his head. He may be able to make the human kneel, but his prisoner seems to be enjoying it a little too much!

Warning: This 4100 word erotic short story contains aliens, explicit gay sex, xenophilia, pulse rifles, prehensile appendages, and more!

Monday, 30 April 2012

Milking Mommy

When Jared comes home from college for the summer, he's not sure if his stepmother will have any time for him- but when she senses that he needs a little babying, all bets are off. Can he deal with his newfound attraction to his stepmother, or will she have to take matters into her own hands?

Warning: this 3600 word erotic short story contains stepmother-son pseudo-incest, lactation, milking, nursing and more!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Kidnapped by a Wolf

When Adam ventures into the dark woods to poach game, the last thing he expects is to become the prey. Captured and claimed deep in the territory of a werewolf pack, he must either learn to accept a place as part of the pack, or run. Can he escape their grasp... And does he want to? Warning: this 13000 word story contains explicit gay sex, rimming, knotting, biting, wolf shifters, and more!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Vampire Gangsters Complete Bundle

In the depths of prohibition-era America, gangster Jacob Abbey is about to come face to face with something meaner than he is. This bundle contains all four Vampire Gangsters shorts: "The Dame With the Fangs", "Sharp New Teeth", Thrall to a Vampire", and "The Vamp in Black".

Warning: this bundle contains gay, straight and bisexual (FMM) sex scenes, violence, mind control, blood drinking and more!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Reverse Gangbang Slave

As punishment for thievery, Aeolus is chained in the market square, where he must pay with his body for food and water. However, when the women of the market show an interest, he'll get more than he ever bargained for!

Warning: this 4200 word erotic short story includes female domination, dubious consent, a reverse gangbang, explicit sex, fingering, humiliation, and more!

Monday, 16 April 2012

I Fucked Mother Nature

When he goes hiking in the middle of nowhere, the last thing Jake expects is a gorgeous, naked woman to find him with his hand down his pants. When she claims to be Gaia herself, he knows he's not dealing with any ordinary woman- and she's going to take him for the ride of his life.

Warning: this 3200 word erotic short story contains explicit outdoor sex, cunnilingus, and a lot of grass stains!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Steam Powered Sex Machine (Steampunk Erotica)

Lily is insatiable. To keep her satisfied, Patrick has no choice but to build something that will never get tired- a sex machine that can keep up with her every tireless whim. Will it be enough, or will she wear it out just as she does him?

Warning: this 4000 word erotic short story contains explicit sex, sex toys, multiple orgasms, and a sex machine that just won't stop!

Husband on His Knees Femdom Bundle

These ladies know how to put their husbands in their rightful places- and love it! This red-hot, 10000 word erotica bundle contains three femdom shorts: "Pegging my Husband", "Fisting my Sissy Husband" and "Husband in Handcuffs".

Warning: this bundle contains sissification, crossdressing, pegging, light bondage, strap-ons, fisting, toys, explicit sex and a whole lot of female domination!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Wolf Wedding

When Thorvald is signed into an arranged marriage to seal a treaty, he doesn't expect it to be to a prince. Now, he has to navigate politics, and a nobility that's not fond of his wolf nature. As things heat up, can Thorvald survive until the wedding day- and seduce his handsome prince?

Warning: this 10000 word story contains explicit gay sex, knotting, wolf shifters, and more!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

An American Fuck

When patriotic American Ford Hudson discovers commies stealing America's energy supply, he knows something has to be done. But when he captures one, can he turn that devious red into a freedom-loving American- with the power of his Texas-sized cock?

Warning: this 4300 word erotic parody contains explicit gay sex, communists, crying eagles, and the egregious misuse of apple pie.

Like a House on Fire (Criminals do it Illegally #2)

On the run from prison, Tony and Luke go undercover in the last place anyone will look: suburbia. But Luke doesn't deal well with boredom, and when Luke gets bored, things get hairy. Can Tony keep Luke's destructive urges at bay, or will he become just another statistic?

Warning: this 5000 word erotic short story contains handcuffs, explicit gay sex, gun play and more! Don't try this at home!


When Laurie agrees to house-sit, little does she suspect that the house is haunted- or that the ghost is horny! But when a full-blown apparition pounces on her in her bed, all she can do is hold on and enjoy the ride!

Warning: this 3000 word erotic short story contains explicit ghost sex, tentacles, ectoplasm, double penetration, and all sorts of naughty paranormal activities!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Vampire Gangsters #4

The conclusion of Vampire Gangsters! When dark vampire Victoria kidnaps Jacob's thrall, he'll do anything he has to to get him back. But Victoria is powerful- will he triumph and recover Vasco, or will she bend them both to her dark will?

Warning: this 6400 word erotic short story contains explicit gay and bisexual sex, blood drinking, mind control, anal sex, and more!

Vampire Gangsters #3

When Vasco Ibarra wakes up in Jacob's bed, he has little clue as to what happened- except for the two holes in his neck. But the longer he spends in Jacob's presence, the more he's compelled to get down on his knees and worship him. Vasco doesn't know how long he can resist it- or if he even wants to.

Warning: This 4700 word erotic short story contains vampires, mind control, and explicit oral sex.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sharp New Teeth (Vampire Gangsters #2)

When new vampire Jacob Abbey gets pickpocketed, he nearly eats the thief alive- but drags him home half-dead instead. At first he'd meant to patch the guy up and let him go, but with every minute that passes, his new obsession grows. Will he finish the job... Or keep the thief for himself?

Warning: this 5400 word erotic short story contains vampires, blood, mind control, and explicit gay sex.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Fantasy Erotica Bundle

Genies and Mermen and Pixies, oh my! This erotica bundle contains three sizzling fantasy erotica shorts: "Your Every Wish", "Seducing a Merman", and "Pixie Lust". Whether you're looking for magic or to enjoy your own fish tale, this is one to keep! Warning: this bundle contains explicit sex, fantasy creatures, microphilia, threesomes, sex toys, xenophilia and more!

The Dame with the Fangs

Your name is Jacob Abbey, and today is not your day. Your gang's lost a warehouse full of bootleg bourbon and a most unwelcome face has come to visit- Victoria Swan, hellcat queen of your biggest rivals. You love her, and you hate her, and unfortunately for you, she thinks you're just delicious.

Warning: this 4300 word erotic short story contains vampires, explicit rough sex, blood, and violence.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Kidnapped by a Sky Pirate

Anthony is traveling on business, but when his zeppelin is attacked by pirates, he's taken as bounty! Soon he finds that he'll not only have to satisfy the beautiful, dangerous captain, but her crew of goons as well! Can he manage it, or will he have to walk the plank?

Warning: this 5700 word erotic short story contains an Fmmm gangbang, double penetration, spitroasting, femdom, and more!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

When Lucy's husband keeps coming home later and later each night, she decides to take matters into her own hands- and handcuffs. Will some restraints and discipline show her husband who's boss, or will she have to pull out the big guns?

Warning: this 3300 word erotic short story contains light bdsm, sex toys, orgasm denial and female domination!
When soldier John Wood is invalided out, he doesn't have much to live for- but when he finds a stray dog during a rainstorm, he can't help but take it in. Unbeknownst to him, this dog has a secret: he's actually a wolf shifter, and he's very determined to show John just how grateful he is!

Warning: this 8100 word short story contains wolf shifters, hurt/comfort, 69ing and explicit oral and anal sex!

New Books!

When Rebecca's sissy husband shirks his duties, it's up to her to take him in hand- literally! Can she teach him to mind his place with a fist and a whole lot of lube, or will they be left in a sticky hot mess?

Warning: This 3000 word erotic short story contains female domination, crossdressing, sissification, fisting, sex toys and bdsm. Can you handle the heat?

Sunday, 26 February 2012

New books!

When Lucien is lured into a man's home with the promise of food, he thinks he'll be paying with his body. Little does he know that the man is one of the last worshipers of a dark god. Lucien is the latest offering, and it doesn't want his life- it wants much, much more.

Warning: this 6600 word erotic short story contains corruption, mind control, tentacles, violence, eldritch creatures and more!

Pixie Lust

Lillybelle is a pixie only a handspan high, but she can't help her obsession with a human man. When he catches her masturbating on his windowsill, there's only one question remaining- how do you fuck someone a hundred times your size?

Warning: this 3300 word erotic short story contains microphilia, explicit sex, toys, magic and more!

New books!

When businessman Simon Bainbridge summons a genie for wealth and power, he gets more than he bargained for- much more. Nanthini is determined not to give him his wishes, and she'll do whatever it takes to drive the very thought out of his mind. Can she fuck the idea right out of his head?

Warning: this 3600 word short story contains explicit sex, magical kink, and a hot clone threesome!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Dark Descendants

Edwin Blackwood has just come into his inheritance: a lonely manor by the sea, grey and desolate. But he won't be alone. He's been given a butler he can barely keep his eyes- or hands- off of, and deep beneath the manor something lurks. Something old and dangerous, made of tentacles and teeth, and it only wants to welcome Edwin home...

Warning: this 8800 word erotic short story contains tentacle sex, eldritch monsters, double penetration, blowjobs, mindfuckery, restraints and more. May be too hot to handle!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Clockwork Sex Doll

When Frederick Bray finds a full-size wind-up doll in a London junk shop, he falls into obsession and knows he has to have her. Fortunately for him, she comes fully equipped! Can he keep up with a fucking machine, or will he be the one to wear out first?

Warning: this 6000 word erotic short story contains masturbation, explicit sex, and one red-hot sex doll who can't wait to get you going!

Keep you in Lace III: Smother you in Pearls

Nick's indulging in his sissy side when Mary comes home and finds him masturbating. As we all know, dirty boys have to be punished! When that punishment involves spanking and strap-ons, will Nick learn his lesson, or will he enjoy the punishment a little too much?

Warning: this 3700 word erotic short story contains spanking, femdom, crossdressing, sissification, come eating, and a lot of sexy fun!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Keep You in Lace II: Drown You in Diamonds

Now that Mary knows Nick’s sissy secret, she’s having great fun dressing him up, but she hasn’t taken him anywhere! When she decides it’s time for a dinner date, Nick has no choice but to come along exactly how Mary wants him- in a dress and heels, while she gropes him every step of the way. Can Nick keep it together long enough to reach dessert?

Warning: this 4400 word erotic short story contains femdom, crossdressing, public sex, play piercing and more! May be too hot to handle!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Criminals do it Illegally: Hard Time

New Story time!

Tony’s pretty sure his life can’t get worse: he’s in prison. His partner skipped out on him. Worst of all, the guards think he still knows where the stolen money is. When they can’t beat it out of him they toss him in with Luke Szarka, notoriously dangerous and more than a little crazy to boot. When Szarka takes more than a passing interest in Tony, can he turn it to his advantage?

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Seducing a Merman (Fantasy Erotica)

When Mingxia finds a merman washed up on the riverbank after a storm, all she can do is take him home. When she doesn't ask for a reward, he decides to reward her anyway- with a wet and wild time! Will she sleep with the fishes or throw her catch back?

Warning: this 4800 word erotic short story contains a merman, sex in the bath and a whole lot of erotic fun!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Keep You in Lace live for Kindle

My very first story has just gone live on the Amazon Kindle store! Oh, so exciting. :)

Nick's sure that his girlfriend is completely vanilla, but it's his secret, fervent desire to be dressed up like a sissy and dominated. When Mary finds out by accident, she turns out to be kinkier than Nick ever could have imagined.

Will Mary whip him into shape, or will he be left longing for more?

Warning: This 4400 word erotic short story contains explicit sex, crossdressing, femdom, light BDSM and a wild time you won't forget!

The publishing was surprisingly much easier than I thought it would be! The Amazon interface is pretty painless, all in all! It's a nice thing to have things just work out how they're supposed to. My first try at formatting the document was a bit of a nightmare, but that was mostly because the instructions I was following were incredibly vague. I've learned a few things about the process in doing it, and I think I'll write up a post or two on the subject. It might be of use to someone else.