Monday, 30 April 2012

Milking Mommy

When Jared comes home from college for the summer, he's not sure if his stepmother will have any time for him- but when she senses that he needs a little babying, all bets are off. Can he deal with his newfound attraction to his stepmother, or will she have to take matters into her own hands?

Warning: this 3600 word erotic short story contains stepmother-son pseudo-incest, lactation, milking, nursing and more!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Kidnapped by a Wolf

When Adam ventures into the dark woods to poach game, the last thing he expects is to become the prey. Captured and claimed deep in the territory of a werewolf pack, he must either learn to accept a place as part of the pack, or run. Can he escape their grasp... And does he want to? Warning: this 13000 word story contains explicit gay sex, rimming, knotting, biting, wolf shifters, and more!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Vampire Gangsters Complete Bundle

In the depths of prohibition-era America, gangster Jacob Abbey is about to come face to face with something meaner than he is. This bundle contains all four Vampire Gangsters shorts: "The Dame With the Fangs", "Sharp New Teeth", Thrall to a Vampire", and "The Vamp in Black".

Warning: this bundle contains gay, straight and bisexual (FMM) sex scenes, violence, mind control, blood drinking and more!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Reverse Gangbang Slave

As punishment for thievery, Aeolus is chained in the market square, where he must pay with his body for food and water. However, when the women of the market show an interest, he'll get more than he ever bargained for!

Warning: this 4200 word erotic short story includes female domination, dubious consent, a reverse gangbang, explicit sex, fingering, humiliation, and more!

Monday, 16 April 2012

I Fucked Mother Nature

When he goes hiking in the middle of nowhere, the last thing Jake expects is a gorgeous, naked woman to find him with his hand down his pants. When she claims to be Gaia herself, he knows he's not dealing with any ordinary woman- and she's going to take him for the ride of his life.

Warning: this 3200 word erotic short story contains explicit outdoor sex, cunnilingus, and a lot of grass stains!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Steam Powered Sex Machine (Steampunk Erotica)

Lily is insatiable. To keep her satisfied, Patrick has no choice but to build something that will never get tired- a sex machine that can keep up with her every tireless whim. Will it be enough, or will she wear it out just as she does him?

Warning: this 4000 word erotic short story contains explicit sex, sex toys, multiple orgasms, and a sex machine that just won't stop!

Husband on His Knees Femdom Bundle

These ladies know how to put their husbands in their rightful places- and love it! This red-hot, 10000 word erotica bundle contains three femdom shorts: "Pegging my Husband", "Fisting my Sissy Husband" and "Husband in Handcuffs".

Warning: this bundle contains sissification, crossdressing, pegging, light bondage, strap-ons, fisting, toys, explicit sex and a whole lot of female domination!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Wolf Wedding

When Thorvald is signed into an arranged marriage to seal a treaty, he doesn't expect it to be to a prince. Now, he has to navigate politics, and a nobility that's not fond of his wolf nature. As things heat up, can Thorvald survive until the wedding day- and seduce his handsome prince?

Warning: this 10000 word story contains explicit gay sex, knotting, wolf shifters, and more!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

An American Fuck

When patriotic American Ford Hudson discovers commies stealing America's energy supply, he knows something has to be done. But when he captures one, can he turn that devious red into a freedom-loving American- with the power of his Texas-sized cock?

Warning: this 4300 word erotic parody contains explicit gay sex, communists, crying eagles, and the egregious misuse of apple pie.

Like a House on Fire (Criminals do it Illegally #2)

On the run from prison, Tony and Luke go undercover in the last place anyone will look: suburbia. But Luke doesn't deal well with boredom, and when Luke gets bored, things get hairy. Can Tony keep Luke's destructive urges at bay, or will he become just another statistic?

Warning: this 5000 word erotic short story contains handcuffs, explicit gay sex, gun play and more! Don't try this at home!


When Laurie agrees to house-sit, little does she suspect that the house is haunted- or that the ghost is horny! But when a full-blown apparition pounces on her in her bed, all she can do is hold on and enjoy the ride!

Warning: this 3000 word erotic short story contains explicit ghost sex, tentacles, ectoplasm, double penetration, and all sorts of naughty paranormal activities!