Sunday, 26 February 2012

New books!

When Lucien is lured into a man's home with the promise of food, he thinks he'll be paying with his body. Little does he know that the man is one of the last worshipers of a dark god. Lucien is the latest offering, and it doesn't want his life- it wants much, much more.

Warning: this 6600 word erotic short story contains corruption, mind control, tentacles, violence, eldritch creatures and more!

Pixie Lust

Lillybelle is a pixie only a handspan high, but she can't help her obsession with a human man. When he catches her masturbating on his windowsill, there's only one question remaining- how do you fuck someone a hundred times your size?

Warning: this 3300 word erotic short story contains microphilia, explicit sex, toys, magic and more!

New books!

When businessman Simon Bainbridge summons a genie for wealth and power, he gets more than he bargained for- much more. Nanthini is determined not to give him his wishes, and she'll do whatever it takes to drive the very thought out of his mind. Can she fuck the idea right out of his head?

Warning: this 3600 word short story contains explicit sex, magical kink, and a hot clone threesome!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Dark Descendants

Edwin Blackwood has just come into his inheritance: a lonely manor by the sea, grey and desolate. But he won't be alone. He's been given a butler he can barely keep his eyes- or hands- off of, and deep beneath the manor something lurks. Something old and dangerous, made of tentacles and teeth, and it only wants to welcome Edwin home...

Warning: this 8800 word erotic short story contains tentacle sex, eldritch monsters, double penetration, blowjobs, mindfuckery, restraints and more. May be too hot to handle!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Clockwork Sex Doll

When Frederick Bray finds a full-size wind-up doll in a London junk shop, he falls into obsession and knows he has to have her. Fortunately for him, she comes fully equipped! Can he keep up with a fucking machine, or will he be the one to wear out first?

Warning: this 6000 word erotic short story contains masturbation, explicit sex, and one red-hot sex doll who can't wait to get you going!

Keep you in Lace III: Smother you in Pearls

Nick's indulging in his sissy side when Mary comes home and finds him masturbating. As we all know, dirty boys have to be punished! When that punishment involves spanking and strap-ons, will Nick learn his lesson, or will he enjoy the punishment a little too much?

Warning: this 3700 word erotic short story contains spanking, femdom, crossdressing, sissification, come eating, and a lot of sexy fun!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Keep You in Lace II: Drown You in Diamonds

Now that Mary knows Nick’s sissy secret, she’s having great fun dressing him up, but she hasn’t taken him anywhere! When she decides it’s time for a dinner date, Nick has no choice but to come along exactly how Mary wants him- in a dress and heels, while she gropes him every step of the way. Can Nick keep it together long enough to reach dessert?

Warning: this 4400 word erotic short story contains femdom, crossdressing, public sex, play piercing and more! May be too hot to handle!