Thursday, 15 March 2012

Fantasy Erotica Bundle

Genies and Mermen and Pixies, oh my! This erotica bundle contains three sizzling fantasy erotica shorts: "Your Every Wish", "Seducing a Merman", and "Pixie Lust". Whether you're looking for magic or to enjoy your own fish tale, this is one to keep! Warning: this bundle contains explicit sex, fantasy creatures, microphilia, threesomes, sex toys, xenophilia and more!


  1. Is it possible we will see a sequel to "Seducing a merman"?

    I loved how you did not fall into the "tail on/tail off" trope of so many fantasy romance authors when dealing with merfolk sexuality.

    1. Maybe! I'm working my way though an ever-growing backlog of ideas, but I may just come back to that one.

      Thank you! That's the same way I feel when it comes to non-human creatures whether they're mermaids or satyrs or anything else. If you're just going to make them human, what's the point? I prefer the alien-ness of it. :)