Saturday, 1 December 2012

Losing Control: Boys With Painted Lips Part 5 (Final Part)

As Leah yearns to resume his forbidden relationship with Gaius at the Silk Road brothel, things take a complicated turn when cruel aristocrat Antony returns, more obsessed with Leah than ever. When he hires Gaius to put Leah in his place, can Leah take the strain, or will it break him entirely? Warning: this erotic story contains explicit gay sex, bdsm, a threesome, bondage and prostitution.


  1. Hi Charlotte!
    I love all your books, especially the "Boys with Painted Lips" series. I doubt you're really a girl because I don't think females are much into sissy erotica (at least not as much as sissies like me), but I don't care just as long as you keep writing them.

    I have a question. In the very first entry in your blog, you write that you are sick of doing data base work and middle management and that you're going to do something different, like write erotica for Amazon. To which, I say GOOD FOR YOU. I would do the same if I could write, (but then I love my job, so maybe I wouldn't.) Anyway, that was a year ago and obviously you've achieved your goal because you have a lot of erotic shorts now. Do you still have your "day job?" Or are you able to make a living as a writer? I hope so because I love your books! You don't have to write me but why don't you post a blog entry so all of your loyal fans can see how you're doing.
    ES (