Saturday, 14 January 2012

Keep You in Lace live for Kindle

My very first story has just gone live on the Amazon Kindle store! Oh, so exciting. :)

Nick's sure that his girlfriend is completely vanilla, but it's his secret, fervent desire to be dressed up like a sissy and dominated. When Mary finds out by accident, she turns out to be kinkier than Nick ever could have imagined.

Will Mary whip him into shape, or will he be left longing for more?

Warning: This 4400 word erotic short story contains explicit sex, crossdressing, femdom, light BDSM and a wild time you won't forget!

The publishing was surprisingly much easier than I thought it would be! The Amazon interface is pretty painless, all in all! It's a nice thing to have things just work out how they're supposed to. My first try at formatting the document was a bit of a nightmare, but that was mostly because the instructions I was following were incredibly vague. I've learned a few things about the process in doing it, and I think I'll write up a post or two on the subject. It might be of use to someone else.

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